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The White House's Solution To Deranged Assailants

That a "knife-wielding veteran sniper rushes White House to warn Obama 'atmosphere is collapsing'" should surprise most Americans, but, as The Washington Post reports, that he tried, and where he tried from, should surprise absolutely no one.


Via The Washington Post...

There are at least 32 similar incidents that have been reported since the mid-1970s, according to an assessment conducted by the Post. We included a few other interesting incidents in our total tally, but, regardless, that number is almost certainly too low. A report in 1994 indicated that the Secret Service had cataloged 23 people climbing the fence between 1989 and that year; news reports only covered a handful.


We took the incidents that were covered by the media and mapped them according to the point of entry -- and, in some cases, point of capture -- of the perpetrators.



The incidents cover a wide range of culprits and motivations, from homeless people to anti-war protestors to one remarkably drunk guy.


So - in response to all that...

35 breaches of The White House perimeter... "don't worry, we got this!"

Additional security fence now in place at the WH to prevent any further fence jumping incidents.

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller)

So, as long as the next 'deranged assailant' is shorter than 3 feet tall and unable to climb, the President appears safe (especially if he 'resorts' to further vacations away from The 'endangered' White House.)

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