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Former Ukraine Ambassador To Testify About "Concerted Campaign" To Oust Her

Former Ukraine Ambassador To Testify About "Concerted Campaign" To Oust Her

In part two of Democrats' impeachment hearing drama, the public will hear from former American Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, who was removed from her post in the spring. Yovanovitch was removed from her post in the spring by the administration, and has been cast by Democrats as an honorable public servant sacked for tying to do the right thing.

As BBG reminds us, Yovanovitch testified in private on Oct. 11 that she felt she was recalled following a "concerted campaign" by President Trump and Rudy Giuliani. Because she left Ukraine in May, she clearly doesn't have any direct knowledge of Trump's efforts to elicit a quid pro quo - or as the Dems are now calling it, a bribe.

Yovanovitch testified that she felt "threatened" by the way Trump spoke about her on the July 25 call, which is at the center of the impeachment issue. Trump called her “bad news” and said “she’s going to go through some things.”

Watch her testimony live below (it's set to begin at 9 am ET):

Later, the committee will enter a closed-door session to hear from David Holmes, a staffer at the US embassy in Kyiv, about this week’s revelation that Trump allegedly asked envoy Gordon Sondland on July 26 about the status of certain "investigations" he sought from Ukraine into the Bidens.

We're still waiting on President Trump to release a transcript of an April congratulatory call with Zelensky, something he promised to do, but has yet to follow through on.

Fortunately, so far, the hearings have been a disaster for the Dems, with even the NYT criticizing them as dull and boring. In response, the Dems tried to spice things up ahead of toady's hearing by talking up the possibility of a bribery charge against Trump.

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